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When Flowers Blooms

That's when I RAWCK BAIBEH!!!

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Call me NANA or whatever nicknames you have in your mind. LOL.

I'm a 153 cm girl woman with a little bit over than 70 kg. YIKES. I'm short and "heavy". LOL. But I'm a self-proclaimed cutie??

A girl woman of twentyfour years of age.

Located in Indonesia. That's in Southeast of Asia, thank you XD.

A college student majoring in International Affairs while working part-time teaching English. Mostly my students are kids, from 6 years old to working moms, LOL. But I adore children, especially the male ones. Cute, brat-y, and resemble their handsome fathers. (fantasizing my own lil kids with Yunho as their Dada aka Superstar Daddy XP).

A very visualized and easy-to-persuade FANGIRL . If you want me to join your FANDOM, give any VEEZHOOALZ aka visuals, and almost 90% I'll fall into your FANDOM-PIT 8D.

Pretty much a boring and very ordinary person. I am talkaltive and gets really loud in real life, but very shy online-wise. And very hard to offend because I have my own "bubble-life wrap", so I take life very easy. So don't worry to speak up your mind, cuz I can handle straight-forwarders than those sweet-talking-talk-in-your-back f.uckers. D8.

FANDOMS of Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki rocks my world. And for these matters, I have a slight-obsessive to the LEADERS. So, throw me G-Dragon and/or U-Know YunHo, and I am in your command. ROFL.

MUSICS on my playlist are very randomly-odd-fitting. I have Se7en, Big Bang, DBSK, SHINee, Clazziquai, CSJH/TZXQ The Grace, m-Flo, Epik High, B-Zion, STi, H-Eugene, BENNIE K, JUNE, Minos, mihimaru GT, MEG, Perfume, SOFFet, 3rd Coast, Humming Urban Stereo, all PASTEL artists, Kana Nishino, Ami Mizuki, Khalil Fong, JJ Lin, Monkey Majik (and Blanc/Blaise Plant), GReeeeN and NEWS. I also adore Metro Station, Gym Class Heroes, Michael Buble, Corianne Bailey Rae, Kate Perry, and those GIRL/WOMAN POWER singers.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Am still in the lowest level of beginners and still saving money to buy an eligible digital camera. Have to change my status as the "borrower" to an "owner". LOL.

PR0NZ. Straight ones. 8D 8D 8D!!!Yes, you did not read it wrong. I admit, this is one of my darkest secret, and also my guilty pleasure. I IZ NOT PERVERTED,OKAI?? Just likin' the art of it. The art of foreplay of course...and the "game". But totally not diggin the fetish and kinky kinds. GROSS! To find a good (The semi one.I hate "full" kinds, really degrading the women roles!!!) pr0nz is a difficult task (XD) because it's rarely to find in these says. And I am gonna stop.

Languages I speak:I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, kinda-fluent English and a scoop of Japanese and French. Only a scoop, no more. I wish I could speak the last two fluently with more Korean and Spanish!!!

Ran away from my house. Once. When I was in the kindergarden. End of story.

Addicted to white chocolate and Chupa Chups Lollies!! Oh never can say NO to brownies, cheesecakes, and donuts. BUT I CAN SAY NO TO ORANGES AND VEGGIES THOU.

Does not live with parents no more since senior year of HS.

I sleep braless. Must have easy access to the walls (for my fetish sleep-rituals,don't ask 8P).And an easy-plus-heavy sleeper. Sometimes I sleep like a bull/bufallo. You can sit on me, kick me, even tickle me, and I'm still dead-asleep.


Add me if you like....

MsN : nha2licious@hotmail.com

Yahoo Messenger! : nha2licious@yahoo.com

Facebook : nha2licious

Last.FM : nha2licious


Big Bang Indonesia Forum : bigbangindonesia.co.nr


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Jo Kwon mood theme credit is to http://community.livejournal.com/ikwon who made it. I'm sorry, I forgot where I got the mood theme from. if they're yours, please do tell me so GOT IT! Now i can properly credit you and you awesomeness <3!

Thx to the anonymous commenter that helped me finding out the mood-theme maker. Lots of love for her (or him, LOL) <3 <3.


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